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Creating   Memorable   Learning Experiences

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Hi, I am a creative and dedicated professional with vast experience in education and digital technologies.  I am passionate about designing and implementing interactive  e-learning solutions for all ages.



I have hundreds of e-learning solutions available to help achieve the specific goals for each type of context and audience. Here are some of the main services I offer and the different ways that I can assist you.

e-Learning DESIGN

I work  together  with subject matter experts and professionals to create innovative solutions.

Education Consultancy

I assist in the improvement of teaching and learning through innovative and
personally developed educational techniques.

Video Solutions

I use visual technology in conjunction with an educational design to make videos that fit the needs of the target  audience.

teaching resources

In order to facilitate language teaching, I work on consistently creating new digital teaching materials that can be used inside and/or outside the classroom.


Contact Me

+593 980422802 

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